Shortly before my trip to Japan 2005, I had discovered them! The small plastic figurines in the SD anime style are easy to fall in love. One can almost completely take apart and combine the parts as you like. My Pinky-family is now quite large and will certainly get some more members. You can also reproduce various parts of the figurine and then manipulate the copies (if you do not like to directly modify the expensive originals). Or one tinkers various items for them. I built a house for them. :-)

One Pinky:St figurine costs approximately 10 to 15 euros. When older and less frequent due to their rarity at many times more expensive. In Japan and China you’ll get them cheaper, of course. Normal series (not special ones like Anime/Game characters) are available for 500 or 600 yen at the vending machine or shop! When you order from China beware of bootlegs (badly done copies) that are on the market.